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Upcoming Workdays and Events –

Well, I am back and have to say Nova Scotia was beautiful and cool weather.

On to the garden:

Committee met this morning and we discussed so many things and planned some events when the weather is cooler. Well, we are moving from warm weather planting to cool planting season. A seed rep brought us many bags of seeds and we have been busy separating them into cool season vs warm season. Since many of the veggies are coming to the end of the season, this is a great time to really clean up and around your plots before you begin planting for cool season. Please take the time to tidy up your plot and the surrounding area. If you will not be planting this fall, let me know and we can use your plot to grow more for the food pantries. We will return it to you in March.

Some dates we discussed:

  • August 18th, Reminder of Amy Whitney’s fall gardening workshop It begins at 6:30 and only goes for about an hour. It is at the Cobb Extension Water Lab. Eileen Silva sent you a flyer last week.
  • Sept. 12th, Saturday from 9 to 11, we will be having a workday. At this time we hope everyone will clean their plots up and around the plots. Also, we will be giving away free seeds. We are also having a plant swap. Many of us will be dividing our perennials at home and bringing them to the garden that day. So if you have any flowers, etc you are planning on dividing please feel free to bring any.
  • Oct. 10th: The church will be having a yard sale as well as burgers and hotdogs. We thought it would be fun if we have a scarecrow building party. We will supply the poles and all you need to do is bring the dressing up and head part. You can make it unique in any way you want. I need to know who will join us in this effort, so I can have enough poles. So send me a note and let me know who will be building a scarecrow.

Other items of interest:

  • Kiosk: The scouts completed the bulletin board/kiosk. The side facing the picnic tables is to post any information for the gardeners such as workshops, and other events. The side facing the parking lot will have a design done in honor of the Memorial Garden.
  • Sink hole near the shed: This is to be fixed. WE do not know yet or the impact on that end of the garden. I will keep you informed.
  • Food Alliance: Our garden has been selected by the Food Wellness Alliance to receive composting tools, bin and compost. There will also be a workshop in Oct that I signed our garden up. So anyone interested can attend. I will send the details later.

That is all for now,