Growing vegetables and a strong community in East Cobb since 2009.

TV23, Workdays and Other Key Dates

Well, we are the lucky ones.  TV23 will be at the garden this Wednesday, March 16th at 11:00 a.m  as part of the advertisement for the 2016 Master Gardner Tour of Homes and Plant Sale. So if you are not busy please provide us with your presence.  The more the merrier.  Although there is not much to see, we can still be tending our plots.

Other key dates:

March 19th, All Hands Workday, starting at 9.  Do not anticipate it to last longer than an hour.  But it would be a good time to clean your plots, put in some compost and turn your plot.  I would recommend not to plant unless it is veggies like potatoes, lettuce or cool season yet.  We all get excited when this beautiful weather hits, only to have to replant due to a late frost. The old saying, “pay your taxes and then plant.”

April 9th, Blessing of the Garden at 10:00 a.m.   Each year we request Byron Wells, minister of the Chestnut Ridge Christian Church to bless our garden for a year of abundance of harvest.

April 22nd and 23rd, Garden Fair and Plant Sale. Free admission and located at Jim Miller Park.

May 7th, Garden Tour from 10 to 5 pm. Rain or shine and must have a ticket . Tickets are available from me, online, or thru the Cobb extension office.  All gardens including ours are located in east cobb.  You can get more information on this link:

And now a side note.  The other day I was working in the garden and it was so pretty outside. I took a moment to sit on one of the benches and took in the moment. So many things to be grateful for especially that bench at the time.  Thank you David Wold for volunteering to make those benches.  As I sat, I admired how far our garden has come in the last five years. We started with three plots in 2011, and now we have close to 60 leased plots and 13 additional ones for Feed The Hungry. And other things like the children’s area, the grapes, the berries, the asparagus and the common plots. We should all be proud. And then I noticed a few new friends.  I noticed a tiny bluebird in one of the bird houses and  two hawks flying overhead.  My kids used to call me “the hawk” when they were teenagers. They said  I was always swooping down in their business.  So maybe those hawks are swooping overhead to protect our garden from unwanted critters.

But most of all I am proud of the community we have become. People just doing things to help out.  Just to name a few: helping with the sinkhole, cementing birdhouse poles for our bluebirds, building benches for us and the kids, building trellises for other gardeners and bean teepees for the kids, helping someone clean out their plot or  hauling compost/mulch to help one another.  You are all key to our success and I want to thank again for your help.