Growing vegetables and a strong community in East Cobb since 2009.

Hope you are staying cool!

Wanted to let you all know that I will be at the garden tomorrow around 8 a.m.  The scouts are beginning the project for our kiosk. Many scouts will be there and if you get a chance maybe thank them for all the projects they
have done for us so far.
I want to thank those that have worked on their weeds in and around their plots.  WE have more cardboard up by the picnic area inside the fence.  If anyone needs help with their weeds I will be there tomorrow to give a hand. If not I will be working in the Memorial Garden so if you don’t see me that is where I will be.
A special thanks to a few folks:
  1. Cynthia Fine for donating a wheel barrel and cardboard boxes.
  2. Russ Rogers for donating a nozzle with a spring on one of the hose bibs. This saves us a lot of money on replacement of hoses.
  3. Tom Bishop for working with me identifying and capturing our critters. And being patient with me on learning how to set live traps.
  4. Melody Billiot for going out of the way of removing the pest we caught.
  5. Steven Gray for using a non gasoline push mower on the path ways between the plots. Steven does so much and just see things needs to be done and just does it. Kind of like a quiet garden angel.
  6. A very special thanks to the committee that meets each Wednesday morning to weed, taking turns to water, delivering veggies to the food pantries, working with various other groups about gardening, and just being there to lift a hand.
  7. And a great big “thank you” for all your donations.
It makes me happy when I see the community come together.  I heard a speaker say once, “community gardens are 90% community, 10% gardening”  I think we are getting there. Maybe we should plan some fun activities when it gets cooler.
Next week, the kids from VBS will be learning about gardening thru activities that Julie Franklin is heading up. It is scheduled for July 22nd in the evening from 6 to 8. If anyone is interested in lending a hand feel free to come.
I will be sending you a note later today on some things coming up including a workshop on Fall Gardening and a Compost Workshop along with a few other dates.
So as we come almost to the end of our tomatoes, I have been on the hunt for Okra.  Hard to find anymore but I did find some at Walmart. Check the sheet I sent you a few weeks ago on the month by month suggesting for planting in Georgia.  It is quite helpful.
Critter Control:
I feel like Bill Murry from Caddy Shack lately.  So here is what we have found.
  1. Chipmunks:  Went to a class last week and everyone complained of chipmunks. Like it was suggested earlier, pick the tomatoes when they are almost ripe. Leave them on the counter.  We have set some live traps and captured a few and then took them far away to be released. One gentleman mentioned using a rat zapper. It captures them and zaps them dead.  I really don’t like killing anything.  I feel we humans have invaded enough on nature.
  2. Crows: Last night I was at the garden and ran off a few of them. I put some tinsel on some plots hanging it on the wire cages. So if you notice it, that is the reason.  I went to Dollar General, Dollar store and found some silvery rolls of ribbons.  Plan is to have a scarecrow building party in September or you can go and buy an owl at Wal-Mart or just use more tinsel.  Hey, it is Christmas in July.  Also, they tend to go to the really ripe tomatoes. I think red is their favorite color
  3. Rabbits: One plot had its leaves chewed off their beans. Research suggested to put hair around the plant.  So I went to the local beauty salon and they gave me a bag of hair.  It was also suggested to use pet hair. It is the smell that deters them.  And it appears to be working.
  4. Mosquitos:  This might help you more at home. In the class I attended the lady said that catnip is more repellant than products with Deet.  So I can tell you next spring this girls is going to plant some catnip along my back patio.
Well, that is all for now.  Hope you are staying cool.  Soon we will be working on the cool season crops. I love that time for planting.  Thank you all for your donations. With all the challenges we have still donated a great amount to the food pantries.