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Some Excitement and Tips for the Garden

If you’ve stopped by the garden recently, you may have met two of our youngest gardeners. Spence, who is so proud of his carrots and beets. Ree, who is our great pollinator gardener. And also some sweet potatoes we just dug up. Love to see young people involved in the garden.

The picture below is of a tomato hornworm. They really do a number on tomato foliage and peppers. Need to destroy these, pesticides wont do it. So check your foliage as you are cleaning out your plots. Spence decided it might be a cool pet and took it home.

tomato hornworm

This is a good time to clean out your plot and put in compost. I would remove some soil and then put in compost. You can put the removed soil by the fence. When you put compost in leave about an inch or more below the top of the box. This will help to contain the water and not run off. Let it sit for a week and then turn it in. This will give time for the micro organisms to work. Usually two to three bags for a large plot and one for the smaller plots works well.

Boy, there are plenty. There is borax in the shed. I sprinkled it around the perimeter of the outside of the boxes and around the perimeter of the inside. Please where gloves and use a spoon or spade.

The last two mornings I have been at the garden the blue handle on the hose bib has been left up. This means water was left on. Remember the 3- 4 rule. As you leave, look back for three gates closed and four handles down.