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Diamtomaceous Earth in the Shed

I put some diamtomaceous earth in the shed in case anyone wishes to use it. I sprinkled some on the beds we just pulled all our squash out of.

In the article I sent you yesterday, it explains when and how to use it. We might be a little late but my thinking was to try and get rid of what was there before I plant okra or anything else.

Diatomaceous earth/pyrethrins applications around the base of the plant can be an effective method to control squash bug and is a treatment allowed in Certified Organic vegetable production.

I was up there this morning and we did get quite a bit of rain. But I did do spot check on some of the plots and pots. Where there was squash planted especially in pots, I noticed quite an investation of squash bugs. If you are going to pull your plants, then put some of this powder on them before you plant something else.

Also, if you have any cucumbers or squash that may not look right, don’t throw them away. The food pantries will take any yellow or overly large squash or cucumber.

Tomorrow and Saturday we have a chance of some rain and some cooler weather. I pulled some weeds today and it was quite easy with the ground being moist.