Growing vegetables and a strong community in East Cobb since 2009.

Challenges in the Garden

Well, the critter damage goes on. We have had some problems with crows attacking some plots. I have notified those who have been affected. Some solutions I researched and were told about were:

  1. Hang Christmas tinsel on the cages. The light weight and shiny material will flutter in the wind. I do not have tinsel but I do have some thin old Christmas garland.
  2. Put up a scarecrow. Since it is close to the end of the season, you can build your own or pick your tomatoes and let them ripen on your counter. I thought in Sept. we could have a build your own scarecrow party. It might be fun to personalize it. I am sure the church would let us use a room and we would supply the materials.

Anyone interested let me know so I can start to collect things from garage sales and thrift stores. Or you could bring your own. I have attached a pdf on how to build a scarecrow.

We have been having problems with some critter taking big bites out of red tomatoes. Well, I have been working with a gardener on a covert operation to trap it and see what it is. We finally got it. It is chipmonks. I want to thank Tom Bishop for working with me on this.

I also stopped Kelly Green and talked to them. They said the chipmonks have been really bad this year. Below is a link on suggestions to control chipmonks -

Also, Pikes is holding a class tomorrow at 9 a.m on critter control. I plan to attend and hopefully some of you will as well. I will also be at the garden early tomorrow til class starts to water, and hopefully help some of you weed. Some have done an outstanding job since the last note, others have not tackled their plots as all. Please, let us be a community and have respect for one another in keeping the weeds down around our plots.

Aside from all the challenges, we have an abundance of produce we have been delivering. Again, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for your kindness in all your donations.

If you are up at the garden, please drink a lot of water, use a hat and try to not go when it is the hottest part of the day.

I will be sending out another note on some events coming up to prepare for fall gardening. Most people enjoy this more than summer gardening. Seems like less bugs, predators and cooler days. Hard to believe the time has gone by so fast and we are starting to think of fall gardening. Use the handout I sent to you last month to plan your monthly produce

Take care and stay cool. I will continue to play the Bill Murry of critters and keep you informed.